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Financial Assistance

Jay Elcee started this conversation

I'm in a bit of trouble. Basically, I need $5,000 given to me by next week or I'll have a problem finding a place to live.

I mean given to me--that is, I don't have to pay it back.

My plan is to pay off several creditors, and cut my ties with them, while getting my affairs back in order. The irony in all of this: I dug myself into a deep hole trying to escape a deep hole; and it all started because I helped someone else out, to my own detriment.

Please advise. I really need help.

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Ozzy10   in reply to number lady
Hi I did a similar thing helping my neighbors out. I trust that Gods sees but I did have to work through some anger first. Not for helping but when they knew I was in trouble no one called or showed any way that they even care. That hurt. Not because I helped but I really thought they were my friends or I would not have hurt myself going without so they could have Christmas last year. Especially when I found out that they spent four hundred dollars on computer games as my boyfriend and I had given to their daughter. Here I am dying getting so much less income. I knew as I was their payee until after that. But I think it matters more what is in our hearts when we give that matters. "What you do for the least of them it is as you have done for me" According. To Jesus.
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Hi I am a single woman with not only Multiple Sclerosis, Fibromyalgia, Degenerative Disc Disease destroying my back and neck, broken back but now God has decided I can also handle fighting blood bone cancer. It has a nice long name but I call it like it is and this is what it does. I guess my white blood cells now attack my red blood cells by bursting them. Yeah as this happens I not only do not get enough oxygen but I guess it effects my bone marrow and bones giving me the most horribly painful pain and fevers of my life. None of my Drs know how to treat this all all tell me they cannot do anything but give me ineffective pain medications. If this was not bad enough I am so broke I would have to borrow just to be broke. Lol. I try so hard to take all this in stride but Housing raised my rent so high and I am on a strike diet that I can no longer even afford to eat what I need to fight all this. I know that so many people need money right now but surely there is someone out there who might just be willing to help me? My sons are barely adults their father is already gone. They still need me. They suffered enough with me having MS growing up. My father is 92. I am only asking for enough to buy some high protein groceries and $600 to fix my wheel chair adapted van. I would just replace it but it would cost me more to get it adapted than replacing the motor. I have a mechanic who will volunteer to fix it for free but I do not have any way to get the $600.00 to buy the replacement motor. I have tried everything I can think off. So now I am here asking you for help. I understand that people can donate even a few dollars but together the combination of funds really adds up. I used to donate myself before I had to quit working and take disability... I design jewelry and would love to send pieces to you. I let me know. Thank you so much. Have a wonderful day
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$5000 would help those in need especially this time of year.
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Mamabearof2   in reply to woman in a shoe
My fiancée needs five thousand dollarsfor bail... Idk how to get the funds but the bail that gets posted gets returned after the case is resolved some doesn't miss the birth of our baby girl he's wrongly in jail .... We have no one to help us. And the bail can get put in the persons name so they are sure it gets returned to them.
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Mamabearof2   in reply to woman in a shoe
I don't want cash just help...
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woman in a shoe   in reply to Mamabearof2
I am sorry but there no cash on this site only information where u mite get help than if.they can help u they don't give u cash they send it to what every u want to be help with
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Mamabearof2   in reply to bubbles131
Did you ever find the money you needed? I'm in need of a lot of money and on my own too
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littlelacie   in reply to bell34
go to internet,type in need help paying bills, type in city and state. you will see a list of places that might be able to help. No resource will give you $6300.00. They will ask what bills you need help with and how much is owed.
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Mo way to heaven   in reply to bell34
Let it go. Start over with a new positive
New start with god in your life, fultime.
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I need 6300 dollars i lost my job and my husband and children and myself are not making ends meet, and facing foreclosure, im willing to make monthly payments to repay i need help asap any help would greatly be appreciated.
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vanessa123   in reply to sonshinesas
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sonshinesas   in reply to vanessa123
No money here sorry just resource info.
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I need a lot of money my roommate died a few days ago unexpectedly and he has me in debt months behind on rent
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Ivehliz2014   in reply to Libby3
did this site ever help you
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sonshinesas   in reply to helpmeplease904
Sorry no money here just resource info, try 211 for local info
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I need help so much I lost my job been trying to go home in another state that I dont know have no friends nor family here my car just got impounded been bouncing from hotel to hotel just to sleep some times I wont eat for days only if I could get some money and go back home I would start all over
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I need money now I have a 4 year old son and a babygirl on the way I have no money right now to pay my bills very stress cause I have no family to help I am on my own please help
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I'm a single parent with 1,3 year old child.livin in a low income .apartment its hard to find a job so I'm without work.I have no money to pay for rent or buy my daughter winter clothes and christmas is coming around I have no money for clothes or toys I REALLY NEED A LIL HELP HELP!!!!!! :'(
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Im a mess lost my job, cant pay my rent,unemployment ran out. I feel like im on the titanic....S.O .S .PLEASE HELP !!!!
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number lady
I am sorry I can't help any but I am in the same position because I did the same thing helping someone else and dug myself a deep hole, then got sick, I am trying to dig out but its tough. I don't regret helping the other party, but went to far, I will eventually make it, God willing. I hope someone helps you.
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